The year 2012 has been kind to Nick Young. Last season he got traded away from the mess that is the Washington Wizards and got a homecoming with the Los Angeles Clippers. His three-point shooting was key in the Clippers advancing to second round of the playoffs. The world finally got to see his fashion sense, which is different than most players to say the least. For his sneaker game which included everything from yet-to-be-released Foamposites to the impossible to find LeBron Air Zoom Generation “First Games,” he was named Kicks on Court Champion by Nice Kicks.

Oh and the charismatic swingman got paid, too. He signed with the Philadelphia 76ers for a 1-year/$6 million deal. Before he makes his regular season debut with Philly tonight check out what one of the league's most charismatic figures had to say about his cousin Kendrick Lamar, his style influences, and goals for this season.

Interview by Paul Palladino

What did you work on this offseason?

I took a little yoga trying to get my body right. I didn’t know how tough it was though. All this stretching and different ways you’ve got to move your body. It’s crazy. That was about it. Just the same routine getting my shots up. Trying to get better.

By our count, you led the league in one category. What do you think it was?

My assist ratio?

You seemed to be caught sleeping on the plane more than any other player. Would you agree? You were the victim of a “Got 'Em” just about every week. So what’s with that game?

[Laughs.] I was new coming into the Clippers so I didn’t know about that whole little sleeping thing. We didn’t do that on the Wizards. They got me a couple times.

Who are some of your style influences?

For my style influences you’ve got to look at Kanye first. Pharrell when I was growing up, too. I’m still into that BBC and that Ice Cream. My style influences came from just growing up in L.A. and watching everything and the whole environment and just traveling. A$AP Rocky is pretty stylish, too. 


For my style influences you’ve got to look at Kanye first. Pharrell when I was growing up, too. I’m still into that BBC and that Ice Cream


Who are some of the other best dressed players in the NBA? Do you think that you’re the best dressed player?

I think I’m the...well, you've got some good people there. I like the way LeBron [James] dresses.

Who would be your style starting five?

I’m the shooting guard. I’d have to go with Tyson Chandler as the center. LeBron at the small forward. I’d throw Russell in as point guard. Other forward, Carmelo Anthony. Damn, that’s a nice line-up right there. [Laughs.]

Have you ever thought about designing your own clothes?

Yeah, just got to find a name that fit though, that sticks. You can have your own name on your clothing line, but people don’t really buy that. It’s going to come out pretty soon, “Swagy P Line.” [Laughs.]

You won the Nice Kicks “Kicks on Court” competition and everyone wants to know where you found the LeBron “First Games” that you wore in the playoffs.

That’s a mystery, you know? I can’t give you my hint because everybody is going try and go get them. LeBron gave them to me himself.

Oh yeah?

No. [Laughs.] I just came across them. I was like ‘Dang they our colors.’ Went and looked for them and somebody said they had them for me. 

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