A couple weeks ago, we told you about how the current owner of Muhammad Ali's childhood home in Louisville, Ky. was trying to sell the $23,600 house for $50,000. At the time, we wrote—and I quote—"We don't see this thing coming off the market anytime soon. Sorry." But, as it turns out, we're $^%&*@# idiots! Because, not only did the house sell, but it sold for $20,000 more than the inflated price that the home's owner was asking for it. Apparently, a huge Ali fan named Jared Weiss, who is a real estate investor in Las Vegas, bought it for $70,000 yesterday.

"The guy's a huge Ali fan," the home's realtor Dave Lambrechts said. "That's what kind of spurred this."

Oh. Well, okay. We guess that makes sense. But, does that house really look like it's worth $70K? Eh. Ali fan or not, we would have passed.

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[via ESPN]