With all due respect, Muhammad Ali's childhood home in Louisville, Ky. is a real POS. The facade is falling apart. The roof looks like crap. The front yard is an eyesore. And, overall, it looks like the house might collapse at any second. But, Muhammad Ali used to live there! So, the current owner of it is trying to sell the house, which was recently assessed at $23,600, for $50,000. But, so far, there haven't been any takers.

"Anything we can do to preserve [Ali's] legacy, we want to do that," Louisville Mayor Greg Fischer said recently. "His house serves as an inspiration for people to look at that and say, 'If this young guy, why not me?'"

Okay. Then, why don't you buy it Mr. Mayor? Otherwise, we don't see this thing coming off the market anytime soon. Sorry.

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[via NBC Sports]