Head Coach: Dean Smith
Roster: Adrian Dantley (G), Quinn Buckner (G), Phil Ford (G), Ernie Grunfeld (F), Mitch Kupchak (C), Mike Armstrong (G), Kenny Carr (F), Walter Davis (F), Phil Hubbard (F), Tom LaGarde (C), Scott May (F), Steven Sheppard (G)
Record: 7-0
Margin of Victory: 14
Medal: Gold
After the disappointment of the 1972 Summer Games, the US Olympic Committee chose Dean Smith to be head coach with the hope of exacting revenge on the Soviets. With the help of Adrian Dantley, Scott May (Sean May's pops), Phil Ford, and Mitch Kupchack the US was well on its way to redemption until they ran into Butch Lee and Team Puerto Rico.

Lee, who was born in PR, wasn't invited to US trials and showed his displeasure when he faced the Americans. Butch dropped 35 points while only missing three shots, but it wasn't enough as the US won, 95-94. They then beat Yugoslavia (for a second time), Egypt (by forfeit), and Czechoslovakia in order to face Canada for a shot at the gold. Yugoslavia upset the Soviets in the semis, ruling out a rematch between the US and the USSR, so the US had to face Yugoslavia for a third time. They beat thm by 19 to capture the gold once again, and began another winning streak that would last until 1988.