When we sit in bed at night and think about the amazing supercars we wish we could build, it's a prequel to a thrilling dream, followed by disappointment in the morning. When Jon Olsson thinks about building a new car, he wakes up in the morning, writes a blog post about selling his current car, and gets working on his new incredible vehicle. It's that simple for him. Olsson is selling what we consider the most badass Audi R8 on the planet, complete with a 600 gram carbon mesh makeover from PPI design.

"After the Ascari track visit I have been thinking more and more about a more raw race car feeling," Olsson said in the post. "So incase someone is interested in this car I might just build myself a new R8 and let that one go more towards a cleaned out race car, skipping the interior, the AC and the radio, making it super uncomfortable but possibly even faster then this one…"

He says he's put at least €300,000 on the car, which translates to roughly $380,000, so if you have that kind of cashola sittin' in your back pocket, we suggest you spend it on this, and not a Bugatti. All you have to do is shoot him an email at olsson99@gmail.com, and he'll give you some specs and an estimate. 

[via Jon Olsson]