Melky Cabrera must be kicking himself right now. The San Francisco Giants outfielder positioned himself to make millions and millions of dollars as a free agent this offseason. But, thanks to the fact that he tested positive for testosterone recently (and reportedly tried to cover it up in the absolute worst way possible), he's currently suspended for 50 games and will probably only get a fraction of what he was expecting to get in free agency this offseason.

But, does the guy deserve to be deported for his mistake? ESPN analyst Rick Sutcliffe thinks that's exactly what Cabrera deserves—and he said so yesterday on ESPN's The Michael Kay Show.

"Why is he still here?" Sutcliffe said, after pointing out that Cabrera is in the U.S. playing baseball on a working visa. "That visa should be taken away."

Eh, we understand Sutcliffe being upset. But, that seems a bit excessive, no?

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[via The Big Lead]