According to New York Times chief basketball writer Howard Beck, the New York Knicks have decided not to match the Houston Rockets' $25 million offer sheet to Jeremy Lin. The Knicks officially have until 11:59 tonight to resign Lin, but Beck is reporting the Knicks' decision is final.

The Lin Era in New York was remarkable, and remarkably short. The particulars:

-35 games (25 starts)

-14.6 points per game, 6.2 assists per game (3.6 turnovers per game)

-Perhaps the most incredible one-week rise to international fame in sports history (sounds like hyperbole, but name another)

So now Lin relocates to Houston where he'll be paired with...Dwight Howard? How about that for a Lone Star State "Fuck you!" to the Big Apple (both sides of the East River).

[via NY Times]