The Green Bay Packers tight end corps is a crowded one. As the 4th guy in the group, D.J. Williams needed something to help him stand out amongst the veterans playing his position, like Jermichael Finley, Tom Crabtree and Andrew Quarless. Williams has found a way to do that, thanks to a very weird off-season conditioning routine. On Friday, D.J. told reporters that he improved his strength by wrestling cows. Yeah, you read that right.

"That works out real good, especially if you get them with the baby calf; they're really aggressive," Williams said, according to Tom Silverstein of the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel. "That really helped. It starts out as cow-tipping but once they start charging, you have to go to defense mode.

"I guess it's three things: for a good time, for football, obviously, and it's a good way to impress a girl. It's very impressive. Usually, you say, 'Let's go cow tipping,' and they feel it's a good rush when the cows start chasing you and stuff. They think it's to impress them, but I'm really working on my football stuff at the same time. Two birds, one stone."

Hey, we're all for finding ways to spice up the occasionally dull workout. But c'mon man, wrestling cows?! Luckily, there shouldn't be anything written in his contract about going all WWE on animals because, you know, the Packers front office probably didn't foresee a situation like this to ever happen. 

[via NFL]