From the department of You Just Don't Know When to Shut the Fuck Up, Do You? comes the news that Joe Paterno's family will conduct its own investigation into the sex abuse scandal at Penn State (or, more accurately, its own investigation into the Freeh Report, the investigation of the Penn State scandal that implicated Paterno in a coverup to hide the abuses of former defensive coordinator Jerry Sandusky).

In a statement released this morning, Paterno's family, led by former Penn State assistant for burying your head in the sand Jay Paterno (above), says they "are dismayed by, and vehemently disagree with, some of the conclusions and assertions and the process by which they were developed. Mr. Freeh presented his opinions and interpretations as if they were absolute facts." They go on to state that they have instructed their attorneys to "to conduct a comprehensive review of the materials released by the Freeh Group as well as Mr. Freeh's presentation and press conference."

And then they go and give a sneak preview of what such an independent investigation might discover by stating (SPOILER ALERT!) that "to claim that he knowingly, intentionally protected a pedophile is false."

[via Penn Live]