Sport: Nascar
Career: 2003-Present
Cockiest Quote: "Hopefully the fans will enjoy it. They get to boo me in three different areas this weekend, and we'll have a good time."

Kyle Busch has had a remarkable NASCAR career-'04 Nationwide (nee Busch) Series ROY, '05 Sprint (nee Nextel) Cup ROY, the first driver to win all three major series in a single weekend-but he's also pissed a lot of people off by being one of the most arrogant and petulant racers in a sport known for its outsized personalities. Last November NASCAR suspended him across each series for deliberately wrecking a competitor in a trucks series race, and by the end of the year his chief sponsor, M&Ms, sought to revoke his sponsorship. If you're not first, you're last...and if I can't be first, I'm gonna try to make sure you ain't either.