Let's be honest. The first two generations of the Altima were pretty unattractive. It wasn't until 2001 that Nissan finally put out a vehicle that we wouldn't be a little embarrassed to pick up our girlfriends in. Since then, the Altima has continually matured into the sexy mid-sized four-door that the 2013 Altima is today. We touched on this a bit already, but the Altima has vastly caught up to its superior. The exterior, particularly the front end, is inspired by the Kamishimo, the overdress typically worn by Japanese warriors. Sedans usually look upright and proper, but the '13 Altima has a low, wide, forward-leaning stance for a much sportier feel. Add in small details like edgier front and rear lights, chrome accents, and a lipped deck lid, and you have a fantastic exterior.