When he's not at congressional meetings, singing pop songs, or letting the world know he's anti-gay marriage, Manny Pacquiao does what he does best: beat the shit out of people. This Saturday the Pacman faces off against the fast-talking vegan Timothy Bradley. Yes, he's still not fighting you know who and Manny's a 4-1 favorite but you should still tune for the ridiculous brutality that could ensue.

Over the years Pac has laid some hurtin' on plenty of men: flattening Margarito's face, smiling as he pummeled De La Hoya and disfiguring Miguel Cotto's mug so badly that his wife and kids left the fight early. So, in a preview of the things that may happen to Bradley's face tomorrow night, check out our gallery of Manny Pacquiao's Most Brutal Hits.

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