Before we tell you what happened here, it's important for you to know that the New York Rangers won against the New Jersey Devils 3-0 last night. So, Rangers head coach John Tortorella was, by all accounts, in a relatively good mood after the game.

But, that all went to shit during his post-game press conference when, for whatever reason, a sportswriter's cell phone began ringing and it took the guy foreeeeeeever (that thing might still be ringing!) to get around to picking it up. And, to make matters worse, his ringtone was anything but non-discreet. So, Tortorella—who has become notorious for his post-game outbursts—didn't take too kindly to it.

Hey, buddy: Shut your offing phone off next time! Or, at the very least, be a lot quicker to pick the damn thing up.

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[via Puck Daddy]