Hello Canada! No, really, hello Canada, because we might get deported for arguing that the NHL Playoffs are better than our beloved NBA postseason. But that's what we're going to try to do.

Don't get it twisted; we love the NBA. (Like, duh.) We really, really love the NBA Playoffs. But around the time the Pacers are trouncing the Superman-less Magic by 20 in the third quarter, or when Tim Duncan is bankshotting the Jazz to death, or, worse yet, when Rick Carlisle is calling his 15th timeout of the final 30 seconds to devise a Durantula-stopper, we find ourselves drifting over to the bass-fishing channel to check out hockey. So you can't always see the puck, and 95% of the dudes look like either frat boys who'd want to beat you up, or Brooklyn hipsters you'd like to beat up (but at least there's a chance you'll see someone else kick their ass): There's something undeniably cool about a sport this fast and this mean, and that gets its overtime so right. And we thought: Are the NHL Playoffs actually better than the NBA Playoffs?

We had Los Angeles Newspaper Group hockey scribe Andrew Knoll compare the two leagues' postseasons on a variety of criteria. If you read the headline of this piece, you'll know the conclusion he came to. Read on to learn why the NHL Playoffs are better than the NBA Playoffs.

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