Last month, Dwyane Wade said that he thought NBA players should be paid for playing in the Olympics. Then, he quickly changed his mind the following day, did a complete 180, and said that he didn't think NBA players should be paid. But, it still sounded like he was a little bit hesitant about going to play in the 2012 Summer Olympics in London and putting his health at risk without being compensated for it.

Now, we've got further proof of that. Recently, D-Wade was asked if he is 100 percent committed to playing in the Olympics this summer. And while he didn't come right out and say it, it was pretty clear that he's not 100 percent just yet and that he's already told some guys on the squad, like Kobe Bryant, that there's a chance he won't be with the team in London.

"Kobe was like, 'if my old self is playing, you can,'" Wade said recently. "I told them, I said, 'Listen, I'm just going to see how I feel. This is about being healthy—I think, for all of us, going into the summer healthy—and taking it from there."

With Derrick Rose and Dwight Howard already ruled out of the Olympic Games because of injury, losing D-Wade could be a killer. Then again, D-Wade and "injury prone" do show up in the same sentence a little too often these days. So, if the Heat make a deep run into the playoffs and Wade gets almost no time off this summer, that could hurt him in the long run. So, can you really blame the guy for wanting to take a break?

[via NBA News]

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