Date: 10/21/2000
Every once in a while, you have to remind the neighborhood who's boss. At the turn of the century New York actually had two good baseball teams (yes, we know this is hard to believe for some of our younger readers). In 1999, the Mets had reached the postseason for the first time in 11 years, and even had a moment of their own with Robin Ventura's grand slam single. In 2000, the Mets finished the regular season 94-88, seven games better than the Yankees who limped into the postseason losing 15 of their last 18 games to finish 87-74. No matter. After beating the Oakland A's and Seattle Mariners in the AL playoffs, the Yankees dominated the Mets in the World Series (the first Subway Series in 44 years), and punked their NL brethren in the process when Roger Clemens hurled a bat shard at Mike Piazza. Bullies? You bet.