Date: 9/30/1927
It's easy for old timers to lament the ballooning home run totals of the '90s and 2000s, but if you want to look at some real video game stats, check 1927, the year that Babe Ruth set the record for home runs in a season that, depending on your perspective vis-a-vis 162 game seasons and steroids, was either eclipsed in 1961 (or 1998 or 2001) or still stands today. In '27, Ruth hit 60 home runs; the Yankees as a team hit 158. The team with the second most dingers in the American League was the Philadelphia Athletics—who finished with 56. Ruth hit more home runs than every other team but his own in '27 (he hit more than all but two teams the year before). Here's another perspective: In 1927, ruth hit 14% of the home runs recorded in the American League; to achieve that same percentage, last year's home run champ, Jose Bautista, who finished with 43 homers, would've had to clear the bases 318 times.