Hmmm…Why does this John Wall story sound so familiar? Oh, that's right! It's because Wall's former coach Flip Saunders offered up the same exact explanation for his poor play this season three months ago.

Back then, Saunders told a group of reporters that he thought the former No. 1 pick had played in too many summer leagues during the NBA lockout. "I've never been a proponent of those things," he said. "I think you pick up too many bad habits and a lot of things you think are going to be very easy [are not]. I don't think I saw a change all summer long."

Three months later, Wall has finally come out and admitted that his former coach—who was fired after the Wizards got off to a 2-15 start this season—was probably right. "I just think that, instead of working out more, I did more of playing in charity events and summer leagues," he said recently. "That's the only thing I think I should have done differently, but it was a great experience going to different states and venues."

Maybe Saunders wasn't such a bad coach for the Wizards after all. If only some of his better players—we're looking at you, John Wall and JaVale McGee!—had listened.

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[via Ball Don't Lie]

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