After a strong start to their season, the Detroit Tigers are starting to come apart at the seams a little bit. And, an incident that happened early this morning involving outfielder Delmon Young is certainly not going to help things any.

Young and the Tigers arrived in New York City last night to start a three-game series against the New York Yankees today. But, there's a good chance Young won't find himself in the lineup at Yankee Stadium thanks to his behavior last night. According to a police report, Young was standing outside of the Hilton New York near Times Square at about 2:30 a.m. (just for the record: Nothing good happens when you're just standing around outside at 2:30 in the morning!) when he saw a panhandler wearing a yarmulke approach four tourists who were walking into the hotel. For some reason, Young got extremely angry when he saw this—police says he was "highly intoxicated"—and an argument ensued that featured Young yelling anti-Semitic epithets. He then got into an altercation with one of the tourists, who sustained some scratches but refused medical attention, and police were called. They took Young to a nearby hospital for treatment and charged him with a misdemeanor "aggravated harassment hate crime."

There are some pretty obvious holes in this story right now. Like, why did he start yelling the anti-Semitic epithets? How did he end up in a fight with one of the tourists? And, WTF was he doing hanging out in front of the hotel in the middle of the night in the first place? So, be sure to stay tuned for more details. But, for now, Delmon Young is in the doghouse in Detroit. And, rightfully so.

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[via Detroit Free Press]

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