That's the million dollar question, who's the MVP? Who knew this lockout-shortened season would be so good and bad at the same time? On one hand, us paying customers have witnessed some atrocious basketball. On the other, there are still those players that set themselves apart from the rest. And now that everybody's where they're going to be (at least until June), it's time to start talking Most Valuable Players, and not just for this season.

Our criteria was based not just on stats, but also on impact to the team and what the player means to their respective franchises, whether it's luring other stars or team chemistry. Kyle Lowry, for example, is having a career year and has the Rockets knocking on the playoffs' door. CP3 has changed the culture in Sterlingland, which should give him the MVP off GP. Then there's Rajon Rondo daring Boston to trade him (they're crazy if they do). So, who's your MVP? LeBron? Durantula? Check out our picks of the 25 Most Valuable Players in the NBA Right Now.

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