What's with all the brawls that go down during Chinese Basketball Association games? These things sound like goddamn WWE matches with fans cursing at players, attacking referees, and throwing shit onto the court whenever they don't get a call.

The most recent one reportedly involves Stephon Marbury, who plays for the Beijing Ducks of the CBA. According to a fan who was at the game over the weekend, Marbury's team lost a playoff game against the Shanxi Brave Dragons that featured Shanxi fans throwing things onto the court and yelling at the referees in the game's closing minutes. That hostility then continued on after the game when a large group of Shanxi fans attacked Beijing's bus outside and made it difficult for Beijing players to leave the premises. Caught up in the melee was Marbury, who was one of the last Beijing players to try to board the bus. And, as he was making his way through the angry mob gathered outside, he allegedly got into some type of altercation with a Shanxi fan, who is now claiming that Marbury punched him, kicked him, and put him on bed rest for the next two weeks. [Ed. note: Two weeks?! You allegedly got hit by Stephon Marbury, man, not Floyd Mayweather, Jr.!]

Marbury immediately denied the man's claims through Beijing's general manager. And, in the clip above, you can even see him denying the claims for himself and telling a local news station that he had "no reason" to attack the man. It's not exactly the most convincing argument in the world. But, we have to give Marbury the benefit of the doubt here. It sounds like dude was just trying to do whatever he could to protect himself in the face of some really passionate fans. And if that's really what happened, can you blame him?

[via Deadspin]

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