By all accounts, some of the things that took place in the New York Jets locker room this season mirrored the stuff that takes place on an episode of Love & Hip-Hop. The year was filled with internal strife, selfishness, and a whole lot of backstabbing amongst teammates. On tonight's episode of Showtime's Inside the NFL, LaDainian Tomlinson even describes the relationship between Jets shot-caller Mark Sanchez and Jets star wide receiver Santonio Holmes as "as bad as I've ever been around." Yet, it would appear that the Jets aren't ready to make any drastic changes to their roster. In fact, according to Jets owner Woody Johnson, the team isn't even thinking about moving Holmes or replacing Sanchez. Recently, Johnson called Holmes "one of the best players we've ever had" and said that he will be back with the team next season. He also said that Sanchez will still be calling the shots for the Jets as well.

Greeeeeeeat. We can already see the New York Post back pages now! When will this NFL soap opera end?

[via SB Nation]

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