Bills fans are tired of watching their team lose this season. No, really, they are! So tired, in fact, that a couple of them resorted to—get this—having sex in the bathrooms inside of Ralph Wilson Stadium...during a game. While the Bills were taking on the Titans on Sunday afternoon, a pair of local school teachers were arrested on charges of "public lewdness" after they were caught having sex in a public bathroom at the game. And to make matters even worse, the male teacher involved in the case is married and his wife was the one who told a local TV station that her husband was arrested when he exited the bathroom on Sunday, which has triggered an investigation by the local school district into the arrests of both teachers.

Yo, are you two serious? Outside of the fact that a bathroom inside of a sport stadium isn't exactly the most private place in the world, it's also, well, a bathroom inside of a sports stadium. Can you even imagine what kinds of germs are in it? We seriously hope you two learned a lesson. Namely, that if you're gonna try to carry on an extramarital affair, don't do it at a football game.

[via Off The Bench]

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