At this point, we've heard dozens of different NFL analysts say that they think LeBron James would be great in the NFL if he ever decided to, you know, completely alter his life plans and make the jump to pro football. But we haven't heard many players say it. In fact, most players have scoffed at the notion that King James would be any good on the football field. But at least one guy does think Bron-Bron would be impressive on the gridiron. In fact, he thinks he could easily break records if he made the leap.

"Listen," New Orleans Saints tight end Jimmy Graham said earlier this week, "if that guy was on the New Orleans Saints, he would break records."

Graham knows a thing or two about making the jump from basketball to football, too. After playing hoops for the University of Miami, he was converted into a tight end on the football field three years ago and is now enjoying quite the season with the Saints. But, are we really supposed to believe that LeBron could do the same thing? We'll believe it when we see it. Which, for the record, will be never. [via Larry Brown Sports]