Kicking off New York's Auto Show Press Week, Volkswagen has officially unveiled their all-new 2012 Beetle. The bubbly hatch, which was long overdue for a makeover, is back in a mush bolder fashion. No longer exuding cuteness, the 2012 model sports a flattened-out roof, with an overall stance that's a bit more masculine than its predecessor. And after only a day in the public eye, rumor has it the engine may soon get a bit manlier as well.

Car and Driver is reporting that Volkswagen has officially announced a high-performance "Beetle R" variant that will hit US dealers, unlike the last generation RSi version which was available only in Europe. Timeframe, however, is still up in the air. Though speaking of air, a convertible version is expected in 2013. Until then, enjoy the pictures of the new "Bully" Beetle.

[via Car and Driver]