Patrick Peterson is no stranger to the hype. He was named USA Today High School Defensive Player of the Year, and was pursued by many of the top college football programs, including USC and Florida, before finally choosing LSU. Following a subpar first year with the Tigers, Peterson improved in his sophomore season and has never looked back. After winning the Jim Thorpe Award for the top defensive back in college football, and the Chuck Bednarik award for best defensive college football player of the year this past season, there was no time like the present to enter the NFL Draft.

After being considered by many to be the best player available in the Draft, Peterson was taken with the 4th pick by the Arizona Cardinals. Before his big day at Radio City, we got with Patrick at his Alan David Custom suit fitting with Conversion Sports to see how Complex he really is. 


What’s your favorite song at the moment?
Patrick Peterson: I have a couple of them. I probably would have to go with “The Takeover” by Young Jeezy. I also like “Bill Gates” by Lil Wayne. I like “I’m Not A Star” from Rick Ross. I love music, so it’s hard to pick a couple.

What are your favorite sneakers to wear?
Patrick Peterson: Jordans. Kobes, and Air Force 1s.

Favorite type of Jordans?
Patrick Peterson: The XIIIs. 

What’s the most money you ever spent on an item of clothing?
Patrick Peterson: Since I’ve been going through this process, I’ve been getting a lot of stuff for free. So, I don’t spend too much money on clothing.

How about when you were younger?
Patrick Peterson: $700 for a couple of t-shirts. I went into the Sean John outlet, which is my favorite clothing line, and picked up stuff for high school, I think. 

What celebrity is in your Wifey Hall of Fame?
Patrick Peterson: Whoa…don’t get me in trouble 'cause I have a girlfriend. But I would like to date LisaRaye, in her prime. 

What is your opinion on Odd Future?
Patrick Peterson: I don’t know who that is. 

Favorite alcoholic drink?
Patrick Peterson: I don't drink. There's a lot of people being on Ciroc. 

Current video game obsession?
Patrick Peterson: NCAA Football 11.

I'm not even going to guess what team you play as...
Patrick Peterson: I don't play with LSU. 

Really? Then who?
Patrick Peterson: Ohio State. 

Why Ohio State?
Patrick Peterson: I don’t know. I’ve played as myself a couple of times, but I was a huge Ohio State fan as well. It’s a pretty good college that knows how to win. That’s the team I roll with in NCAA Football 11.

Dream ride?
Patrick Peterson: Lamborghini Murciélago. If I could get one of those that would be big. We’ll see. 

Coveted tech product?
Patrick Peterson: My MacBook. I gotta get on that computer everyday. It’s a must. I have it with me now. 

Favorite city to visit?
Patrick Peterson: New York City. 

Favorite campus, other than your own?
Patrick Peterson: I like going to Alabama. Well, I’ve only been there once. Although we left there with a L, it seemed like a fun campus to be at. 

Who is the most famous person in your cellphone?
Patrick Peterson: Champ Bailey. 

Is that somebody you emulate in your game? 
Patrick Peterson: Oh yeah. I have a lot of famous people in my phone, but Champ Bailey is definitely the guy that stands out.

What does it feel like to know you’ll be a millionaire soon?
Patrick Peterson: It’s going to be big. It feels good that all the hard work paid off.