Our 50 Hottest White Girls With Ass countdown may have come as a shock to some, but veteran observers know that the phenomenon is nothing really new. Similarly, if we were to do a countdown of 50 White Ballers With Vicious Hops, a few of you might be surprised, but it won't be those who watched Tom Chambers or Rex Chapman or even Bobby Sura play. It just so happens that, like #whitebubbles, #whitefacials are an emerging trend. Fresh off Will Sheehy's posterization of Iowa comes Kyle Kuric of Louisville obliterating Notre Dame's best Shawn Bradley impersonator, complete with a Pippen-over-Ewing landing and stare. Yeah, Kuric got T'ed up, and yeah, Louisville lost, but none of these details will be remembered when you relive this dunk on YouTube next year.
[via Ball Don't Lie]