Toronto Raptors' center Bismack Biyombo has no shortage of Jordan Brand sneakers these days, but when he was growing up in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, sneakers were a lot more difficult to come by. Biyombo recently chatted with Slam about his deal with Jordan Brand, and how he didn't own a pair of new sneakers until the age of sixteen.

According Biyombo, it wasn't until he left his home as a teenager that he got a brand new pair of sneakers to play in. "It was always, you go to the market and somebody had worn the shoes, you can get those shoes. And my dad had to pay for it," said Biyombo. To add to the story about his first pair of new sneakers, Biyombo also admitted to never owning a pair of Jordan Brand sneakers until he signed a deal with them after entering the NBA. Nowadays, he gets exclusive Air Jordans before any of his teammates, proving just how far he's come from the days of his father buying him used sneakers at the market.

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Via Slam