For sneakerheads, there's nothing quite like that new shoe smell. It's the sort of sensation that can take you right back to the good ol' days, long before automated bots and near-daily instances of sneaker violence. However, for the sneaker store employee you're about to see, the scent of kicks goes far beyond nostalgic childhood memories. 

Sneaker Watch caught up with Jaime of RIF LA, who says that he has the ability to identify shoes based only on their smell. As you'll see in the clip, he's actually not bluffing, and it's clear Jaime's time spent in the store's stock rooms has paid off. "The smell tells you everything," he said.

Elsewhere in the video, Jaime sheds light on RIF LA's process for spotting fake sneakers and more importantly, the store's policy for dealing with customers who bring in said fakes. Watch him tell it in the clip above, then check out our episode of Sneaker Shopping with Don C at RIF LA below.