We are fully aware of how big the adidas Yeezy Boost hype is in the states, but it looks like it's just as crazy overseas, too. Hundreds of hopeful customers lined up outside of Cabinet Noir in Perth, Australia this week just to enter a raffle to have the chance to purchase one of the 30 pairs that the shop is expected to release.

The WA Today was on hand to speak with the shop's manager Edward Maradona and try to make sense of the hysteria surrounding this release. "More than 400 people lined up from as early as 6am on Wednesday to get a ticket," reports the WA Today. Maradona isn't ignorant to the fact that a lot of the people's interest for buying isn't to wear. "It's a big resell business for a lot people, that's why we try to do the raffle," he said. Seeing hundreds of people line up for releases isn't necessarily a new phenomenon in the sneaker world, but over 400 people showing up just to enter a raffle is a whole new level.

The adidas Yeezy Boost 350 "Pirate Black" releases tomorrow at adidas.com and select retailers.