A college football player might suddenly find himself being known more for his Jordans than his athletic prowess.

Paul Moses, a freshman running back from Miami University, was amongst a few hundred people that came away with a pair of coveted Air Jordan XI Retro "Legend Blues" that released this past weekend. Fortunately for us, Moses was given an opportunity to share his Jordan experience with 13abc news.

During the interview, Moses and a group of his friends, some of whom also copped the XIs, were initially asked to compare last Wednesday's wait for tickets versus the wait to buy the actual shoes. Moses' first words? "Yeah....Oh yeah, oh yeah, oh yeah," before going on to compare and the contrast the two events. Littered with additional quotables and a Fat Joe moment when Moses actually licked his Jordans, on-camera, this wonderfully awkward video is one of the reasons we love and hate sneaker culture at the same time.

It's awesome to get excited over a pair of Js, but acting like this in front of the rest world? It's surely a reason why everyone thinks sneakerheads are a roaming pack of weirdos. We're not mad at that, though. Watch the video below.

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​[via 13abc News]