Nike Tech sweats have become so popular that they’ve inspired a women's blogger to wear a pair for a week  just to see what the hype was all about (if only she knew they made them for women, too). Sportswear has always been a big part of sneaker culture and style, but everything seems to have gotten more active over the past year or two. The slim sweats work perfectly with any sneaker build, and their durable fabric has made them stretch less, and, in turn, they’ve become a normal sight to be worn in public. It’s not uncommon to see someone mix slim sweats, a pair of running sneakers, and a button-up shirt. The cozyboy movement didn’t start with the creation of the Nike Tech Fleece program, but it’s helped spread its always-comfortable mantra—and it’s all thanks to sneakerheads’ devotion to this look. The obsession with sportswear doesn't stop there, however. Technical running has merged into high fashion thanks to Nike's ongoing collaboration with Undercover, Gyakusou, and its sneaker and apparel collections. Pigalle and Nike are on their second streetball-inspired collection, and the jerseys, shorts, and sneakers flew off the shelves. It's not just fashion simply taking these looks as inspirations, it's the sneakers involved within the releases that fuel these collaborative ventures. And the result has been a much sportier climate in the style world.