Socks, for most people, are an after thought. They're as disposable as white tees and underwear. That's why they're sold in packs of six. To the sneakerhead, though, socks are an added statement to their already pre-meditated footwear choice. Brands such as Stance and Nike have instantly become favorites with their colorful crew-cut socks, and they've spawned a litany of imitators. Sneakerheads—mostly those who live in warmer climates—can be seen in bright high socks, shorts, and their favorite LeBron, Kobe, or Air Jordan, while stunting on the 'Gram. Kids have started up brands that sublimate cultural or sneaker-related images and prints on socks, and the market is booming. Dwyane Wade has even received his own line from Stance, and you're almost as likely to get a compliment on your socks as you are your sneakers nowadays.