The boutique holds a special place within the sneaker community. It's not just a place to make your latest pickup, it's a cultural crossroads and meeting place for everyone who loves sneakers, hip-hop, basketball, skateboarding, and its related sub-cultures. Boutiques, as we perceive them now, came to rise when shops like Union, Undefeated, Concepts, Supreme, and ALIFE started selling limited-edition and hard-to-find sneakers. But that's not all they had on their shelves. These shops were also instrumental in connecting the way sneaker culture relates to the style world. They'd stock brands that made sense to their consumer and built an intersection that made style and sneakers appear seamlessly. Now, it's not just about sneaker boutiques carrying streetwear, Japanese and European-import brands. They've been born into complete clothing brands themselves. Kith consistently releases collections, Undefeated can be found at Urban Outfitters, Concepts is producing Made in USA garments, size? has a line of basics that any sneakerhead can build their wardrobe off of, and Patta made the coolest soccer jerseys this summer in collaboration with Nike. These stores serve as the foundation for the savvy consumer who just doesn't want to link up his sneaker choice with whatever is available on the racks at Foot Locker or Finish Line. They're also the reason why there's even a discussion of style and sneakers in the first place.