It would be misleading to say that sneakerheads are solely responsible for the proliferation, or reemergence, of raw, selvedge denim since the mid 2000s. Unwashed jeans will always have a spot in the marketplace, but the sneaker community’s embrace of brands such as A.PC. and Nudies is major in teaching guys how to dress. For many, buying a pair of raw jeans, wearing them over time, and watching them progress is what flipped the switch for them to transition from streetwear to more tailored garments. Raw denim just looked better with sneakers. It was an immensely better-fitting option than the bootcut or baggy denim that saturated the scene at the time, and like other trends, it became popular throughout mainstream America. This is, in part, thanks to guys asking, “How should I size down my New Standards? Or what’s the best way to get denim stains off my sneakers?” For those that need further evidence, Ronnie Fieg did a “Selvedge” Gel Lyte III, New Balance released a sneaker in collaboration with Cone Mills, and Nike has put denim and leather patches on the Air Force 1.