Nostalgia is something serious, and it's not just something we harp on in our memories. It sometimes reflects the way we dress, too. Throwback style is nothing new, but it's still ever-present in today's style world. A lot of this is thanks to sneakerheads' desire to search out sneakers from yesteryear, but they didn't stop there: They also brought back the jerseys, snapback hats, and other items generally associated with the late '80s and early '90s as well. Throwback jerseys saw their run in the early to mid 2000s, but sports gear has seen a re-acceptance into style, and it's not unlikely to see someone dig out an Allen Iverson Sixers jersey from their youth and pair it with their current look. The mid to late 2000s saw retro style go overboard, and kids started to dress like it was the worst part of 1988 all over again. So here's a note of caution: Just because you're sneakers are from 1991, it doesn't mean that your whole outfit needs to be from the period. But you can mix and match elements to make your cipher connect.