Diadora's comeback this year is in full effect, but it's been quite a struggle for U.S. sneakerheads to get their hands on some of the latest offerings from the Italian footwear company. Most of the drops have been international-only, so when a stateside retailer actually receives a new batch of Diadoras, it's a release 'heads must jump on.

Packer Shoes has been one of those U.S. retailers blessed with the latest Diadora sneakers and that trend looks to continue this weekend. The New Jersey-based boutique will be releasing the O.G. Diadora N9000 in the "Blue" colorway. The launch takes place tomorrow at 12 p.m. noon EST and it will be in-store only. If you have connects in the Northeast, better start hitting them up soon. At this point, Packer is the only U.S. store to announce they'll be receiving these, so it's going to be super limited.

[via Packer Shoes]