Sneakerboy in Australia just got in the new Rick Owens x Adidas Tech Runner, which, if you haven't noticed, is way less turbo than last season's model. That said, they're still pretty future wave for a multitude of reasons, perhaps chief amongst them the fact that they cost $730 (that's $680 in U.S. Dollars). See, maybe in, like, 30 years $700 sneakers won't be that big of a deal because of inflation, but at the rate we're going, things like college will cost $300K/year and a gallon of gas will run you $50, so you still won't have enough for Rickery. Oh, you thought in 30 years everyone would be driving Teslas? Nah, man, these oil companies aren't gonna go out that easily. It's shitty, but that's why you gotta just keep ignoring heavy shit like that and spending your money on dope as sneakers from Rick Owens x Adidas.