Damn, The Rig Out clique stays making cool things. You know when you’'e about to finish college and you and all your asshole friends are talking about what your dreams are for the next couple years of your life and someone casually mentions that they "just wanna make cool shit" and it really resonates with everyone because you all realize that most likely 95% of you will be making decidedly uncool shit for the rest of your lives, like depositions and quarterly earnings reports and really bad excuses as to why you left at 1:35 pm on a Friday when you didn't get into the office until 11:45am to begin with? Yeah, well, the guys in Manchester (I just assume everyone involved with The Rig Out lives in Manchester) actually get to spend their days making cool shit.

This short film spotlights St. Leonard's F.C., a small soccer club based in the East End of London that likes to get together for a little knock about. All the gear featured is from the Nike x Sophnet's F.C. Real Bristol collabo. YOU GUYS HAVE NO IDEA HOW BADLY I WANT A COOL ENGLISH ACCENT, A BUNCH OF TRAINERS AND A LOCAL FOOTBALL CLUB THAT I OCCASIONALLY KICK A BALL AROUND, BUT MAINLY JUST POUND BEERS WITH. I blame my obsession with cool English accents, soccer hooligans and tepid beer on the fact that the first girl I ever really made out with had "Wonderwall" blasting in her room.