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Balancing a full-time job, sneaker blog, and YouTube Channel isn't easy when you have a seven-year old and a seven-month old. But if you love kicks as much as I do, then it's really not all that bad. However, I remember it being much worse when my first child was born. I worked full-time, and then we had another mouth to feed. Then you add on diapers, formula, clothes, etc., and you really have no room left for sneakers.

If you're like me, you didn't even have room for the pairs you already owned, so I wound up having to sell most of them off just for extra cash. Royal 1s from '01, Concords from '00, basically everything I had bought from senior year up until 2006 had to go. Talk about starting from scratch. Fast forward to present day, and I'm doing fine. Got my Concords back (grabbed a few pairs, actually). Haven't gotten my Royals back, even though I tried hard as hell. But I have way more than I ever did and ever thought I'd have. All because I had such a passion for kicks that I started a YouTube channel and blog that happen to become somewhat successful. Not bad for a guy with a full-time job and two kids.