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Sneakers were and always will be a big part of my life, but what do I live for? Them. Ever since the first moment I saw my daughter in 2007, I felt that sudden light-headed feeling most dads do, but something that I felt right away was a new level of motivation in my work.

With each new baby, some how my wife and I added a new business. Nice Kicks today is more than just a blog, but also a retail store, e-commerce site, and a brand consulting business among many other things. Much of its growth I have to give thanks to my kids for pushing me. They don't know what they have done or how they have motivated me, but with them already taking interest in the family business, I look forward to handing over the keys one day to my children. For if it was not for them, who knows where things would be. Thank you Emma, Aidan, Dylan, and Lauren.