Back in March we reported on the appearance of two wild Lunar Force Ones. Turns out they’re a part of an even wilder four-pack. Atmos in Japan currently has all four pairs for Pre-Order and they’re calling them the “Super Heroes Unleashed” pack.

The two we saw before are wild prints on a fine textile: one, a black and white brindle, the other a Jackson Pollack-like tie dye.

The newer additions are two gradient pairs. One starts with a cool green at the sole and fades into a bright orange up to the throat. The other has a deceptively dark base that fades between blue, red, and volt all throughout the upper.

All the shoes sit on either a white Lunar midsole with a gum outsole, or a black Lunar midsole with a translucent sole.

As mentioned before, you can grab these on pre-order at Atmos in Japan right now, or you can hope for a US release.

[via Atmos]