With their sweep at the hands of the Miami Heat last week, the "Bobcats" era of Charlotte basketball officially came to a close without a roar. In all eleven years of the team's existence, not once did the team win a playoff game. Perhaps that is to be expected, though, from a team that was named after its original owner's first name.

Just like their on-court play, the Bobcats sartorial history has a lack of memories, as well. Chris Creamer's sportslogos.net recently took a look back at the 'Cats rather forgettable aesthetic history. Highlighted by different shades of orange and blue throughout their history, four uniform changes in just 11 years resulted in the Bobcats never really establishing an identity. Now that the franchise is reverting back to the Charlotte Hornets nickname, the team is talking on the identity and history of a completely different franchise.

To find out more interesting information on the now extinct Bobcats, such as what inspired the many uniform changes, check out the article at sportslogos.net

[Sports Logos]

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