How did I not realize that Adidas slides were thirty bucks? Why did I think they were, like, ten dollars? Obviously, everyone on the planet endorses the classic Adillete slide because of that one week we all spent at sports camp at the local college. SOCCER CAMP IN THE LATE '90s WAS OFF THE CHAIN, MY GUYS. Hopefully you had a chance to experience that magic. All the cool kids had those weird, tiny triangle backpacks and these Adidas slides. These days, I don't really wear Adidas slides all that much because I bought a grip of bootleg Nike joints when I was in China that say "knie." But if I were you and I bricked an attempt at buying a pair of rare sneakers for summer, I would console myself by hitting up the nearest mall to cop some slides at Foot Locker and then some Panda Express. Because if you don't cop some orange chicken when you cop some slides, you're just really bad at life. Really bad. Like, I'm surprised you even know how to work the Internet type bad.