Could a Dipset sneaker be on the horizon? If Cam'ron has his way, there will be.

Last Thursday, Mr. Giles took to Instagram and posted an image of a PRO-Keds "Dipset" sneaker with a #tbt hashtag stating "Ima bring these back out.. Not wit ProKeds tho.. #StayTooned." The sneaker he posted was actually a Royal Hi that was part of the Zazzle program that allowed anyone to upload artwork and get custom PRO-Keds made. So If you don't remember ever hearing about or seeing a Dipset shoe, don't worry it's not you, the shoe was never an official release.

However, Cam did have a sneaker with PRO-Keds back in 2005 on the brand's 142nd model which featured a color story inspired by his "Purple Haze" album cover. Maybe he was talking about that. Whatever the case, Cam obviously has plans of bringing a sneaker to market at some point. Will it happen? Who knows, but one thing's for sure, it won't be with PRO-Keds - the brand stopped operating about a year ago.

PRO-Keds 142nd "Purple Haze" (via SneakerNews)

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[via Camron's Instagram