The 2014 MLB season is rapidly approaching as Spring Training games began last week. Often times in baseball, or sports in general for that matter, success or failure begins at the top and trickles it's way down. A general manager or top level executives main job in while running any team is to put together a winning formula and fill in the team with the correct players and coaches to make that formula work.

The team over at Sports Management Degrees just compiled an interesting infograph on the some of the best and the worst baseball general managers and executives of all time. Combining a wealth of knowledge including best trades, winning percentages, and innovate ideas, much like the ever popular money ball theory, the infograph gives a look at baseball executives over the years and how they fared.

Check out the infograph for yourself and let us know if there's anything they overlooked.

Best and Worst Baseball Executives of All Time
Image via SMD


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