Nike just dropped a new batch of their Tech Fleece collection just in time for the winter season's finale. Dubbed the "Nike Tech Fleece 2.0" collection, the label's successful technical knits offering from last year has been subtly improved and enhanced...I guess. I don't know, I can't see that much of a difference from the previous drop, but questioning Nike is akin blasphemy. All that really matters is that these sweats look great and can pull double duty during those few days every month where you feel v gross and hop on a treadmill for a quick 20 (read: 12) minutes. But then you're going to have to wash them and we both know what a goddamn production that is. Even as someone who walks his laundry literally 2 blocks and picks it up, perfectly separated and folded 8 hours later for $20, I know better than to sacrifice my favorite sweatshirt to the gym because it's not getting washed for at least 2 weeks after I've already avoided laundry day by copping 10 new pairs of Uniqlo underwear.