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Hopefully sports fans won't have to see this much of the short-sleeved uniforms again in the NBA, but we won't hold our breath in the meantime. It's safe to say that not everyone looked stellar yesterday in adidas' latest Big Color uniforms, but some players took the new look a step too far by adding sock and sneaker combos that were close to unforgivable.

Take at look at the most offensive to the best Christmas Day looks spotted yesterday in the NBA.

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D.J. Augustin and Jason Terry

Verdict: Losers

Jason Terry wasn't the only player to wear these striped NBA leggings, but we really wish he hadn't paired them with the Reebok Kamikaze IIs. While it's debatable, it can be argued that this is taking a good thing too far. D.J. is an equally offensive contender with the Jordan CP3.VII PEs and a matching red and black sock.

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Mirza Teletovic

Verdict: Winner

Something about the black and white twist on the traditional candy cane inspired crew sock is just perverse enough for us to embrace. Paired with the oppositely cheerful "Christmas" PEs, the socks and shoes balance each other out enough to make this a passable combination.


Dwyane Wade

Verdict: Loser

Wade broke out his signature Li-Ning's in a Christmas colorway yesterday, sporting the Way of Wade 2 in a spotted green rendition. We'll let you decide if these are winners or losers, but we have to applaud him for not being afraid to try new things. 

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J.R. Smith and Kevin Durant

Verdict: Losers

They can't help the short sleeved jerseys, but they can help the full length leggings (twins!), yawwwwn socks and predictable red and green player exclusives. Here is J.R. in the Nike Hyperdunk 2013 PE and Kevin Durant in the Nike KD VI "Christmas." <!--nextpage-->USATSI_7634931_162276632_lowres copy

Russell Westbrook

Verdict: Winner

After seeing the asymmetrical leather overalls that Westbrook wore to the game, we expected far worse from the player on the court. But Russell surprised us, opting for a blue and black sock and matching Air Jordan 10 PEs. 

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LeBron James and Nick Young

Verdict: Winners

Either those fit issues have been resolved for LeBron and his latest signature shoe, or he sucked it up for the "Christmas" edition of the LeBron 11. The mint green and blinged-out red might have been a predicable choice for the PE, but it looks great on the court. Nick Young's Air Jordan 11 Low customs went well with his NBA Lakers edition socks as well, keeping the look clean with plenty of crisp white.

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