As NBA Wednesday revs up, a handful of teams in action tonight have something in common. The Orlando Magic and their opponents the Miami Heat, Phoenix Suns, Cleveland Cavaliers, and Boston Celtics all share a common thread: one of the NBA's all-time greatest big men played for each team. Shaquille O'Neal entered the NBA in 1992 with the Magic and won NBA championships with the Lakers and Heat. As the Miami Heat and Orlando Magic meet tonight from Orlando's Amway Center, we reminisce on one of Shaq's finest moments on this day in history.

It was November 20, 1993, and Shaquille O'Neal was settling into his second year of professional play after winning the NBA Rookie of the Year honors. New Jersey hosted Orlando from the Meadowlands Arena, and Shaq gave Nets players like Kenny Andeson and Derrick Coleman a night to remember with an explosive, record-tying triple-double performance. The Magic picked up a 87-85 win as Shaquille O'Neal posted 24 points, 28 rebounds, and 15 blocks. His block total tied a record set by gargantuan 7'7" center Manute Bol for the second most in a single game.

During this beginning stretch of the '93-94 season, Shaquille O'Neal wore the Reebok Shaq Attaq, a high-top model which used Pump technology and Hexalite cushioning. Ideal for big men, this 1992 style was recently reintroduced in a number of new and original colorways. Get your Shaq on today for $160.

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