In honor of Native American Heritage Month four Nike-sponsored universities—Florida State, Nevada, New Mexico and Oregon State—will trade in their traditional team colors in lieu of special edition turquoise uniforms for select home games during the month of November.

The goal of the Nike N7 uniforms is to help raise awareness of the wellbeing of the Native community and to help promote an active lifestyle amongst Native youth. Nike has chosen the classic turquoise color as it is a symbol of friendship and community in Native American culture.

“The annual Nike N7 game has had a significant impact on the Oregon State community,” said Oregon State head coach Craig Robinson. “When we first talked about this idea four years ago, we had a unique opportunity with a very special player, Joe Burton, who represented his tribe as the first member to earn a full athletic scholarship with a major university. I’m excited to see other schools embracing the idea because there are so many athletes who will benefit from the awareness we’re creating to provide opportunities for Native American and Aboriginal kids to play sports and be active.”

Oregon State was the first collegiate team to don the special edition turquoise uniforms back in 2010. Since then, other teams like Florida State, Nevada, and New Mexico—all of which have strong ties to the Native American community—have also made the commitment to recognize the great cause.

The Florida State men’s team will wear the uniforms for its Nov. 17 game against Tennessee-Martin, Nevada’s men’s squad will rock the turquoise unis for its Nov. 22 game against Chattanooga, Oregon State against Southern Illinois Edwardsville on Nov. 26, and New Mexico on Nov. 30 against San Diego. The Nevada women’s team will also take part during its Nov. 29 matchup against Idaho. 


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